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    About Us

    LINNFOX is one of the biggest manufactures in china for prefabricated houses, portable cabins, flat-pack expandable container houses, shipping containers prefabricated portable cabin cafe shop bar, container restroom, shipping container swimming pool, etc.
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      The founder Peter went Into Prefab Container House Industry

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      LinnFox Investment Company has been Founded

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      LinnFox Have 50+ Strategic Partners

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      3 Factory sites and 8 Production Lines

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      LinnFox 10+ Authorized Manufacturer

    Custom For Your Needs!

    LINNFOX is China's leading container building planning, design, production, and construction integrated service provider, e.g. prefabricated house, it is a trusted choice for customers.

    LINNFOX is good at designing and manufacturing products including prefab shipping container houses, container offices, container shops, container toilets, and container swimming pools. With a team of top architectural designers, engineers, and designers in the industry, products are sold all over the world.

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    What We Do

    LinnFox (LinnFox steel structure Co., Ltd), as one of the biggest manufactures of prefab house and steel structure, is specialized in designing, producing, installing, and construction in China. We can provide not only high-quality products but also a complete set of solutions to meet our client’s special requirements. Our products are economical, environment-friendly, safe, and reliable.

    Minor customization

    Minor customization refers to custom logos, packaging, or graphics

    Design-based customization

    The supplier supports customization based on design drawings

    Raw-material traceability identification

    Finished product inspection; The supplier conducts stringent inspections on all its finished products

    In 2021 we are in an economy where it’s important to cut costs and improve efficiency wherever possible, companies and organizations all around the world are turning to shipping container modifications.

    Most Popular Products

    Containers can be transformed into event assets for mobile sampling, ticket offices, prefabricated houses, pop-up stores, or virtually anything!

    The shipping containers are no longer used only for the primary purpose they are built. However, there are several other purposes they serve. You can rest assured that shipping containers never go to waste as there are so many modifications you can bring for various functional purposes.

    Our Customers

    The token distribution aligns to our values of fairness, community, and accountability.
    Flat Pack Container house: 35%
    Expandable Container House: 25%
    Steel Structure Workshop: 20%
    Folding Container House: 10%
    Prefab House / Swimming Pool: 5%
    Container Showroom / Kiosk: 5%

    Products Categories

    We provide top quality products that are customized for each of our customers needs

    Why Choose Us?

    LINNFOX has decades of professional experience doing pop-ups, prefabricated portable cabins. You get to put all that experience to work for you when designing your very own container. Our focus is to build a great price-to-value unit – you’re getting some of the best quality out there on the market at very affordable rates. All you have to do is tell us your heart’s desire and we get to work.

    We create unique experiences

    We provide one-stop services such as shipping container prefabricated house design, decoration and installation, and after-sales maintenance. We have a team of experienced designers, a modern manufacturing plant of over 50,000 square meters, and four major production bases.
    With the tenet of integrity, innovation, and service’, our company always adheres to the enterprise spirit of ‘quality for survival’ as the foundation of the business. We are a trustworthy and selected modular building and prefabricated house service provider for customers.
    Learn more about LinnFox’s unique prodtcts.

    Create the dream house on your own thoughts. Keep it simple.

    Available Area

    Can be designed as a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen


    Proper insulation is very necessary, including interior walls, ceiling and floor.

    10+ Years

    10+ Year’s experience providing prefab house


    16 manufacture basic in China, Over 90000 sqm for production line


    High capacity, 200 units container daily, 3000 tone steel structure monthly


    49 staff for R&D team and 20 staff for trade team


    Leader of this field with 10 years experience for manufacturing and sales


    Oversea sales center, local delivery / payment / after sales service


    One stop service from design, produce, installation

    Meet Our Team and Contact

    They are the key to providing you with a quality great project.

    Peter Lau


    Planning, design, manufacturing, and transportation services of container house.

    Nicole Zhou


    Planning, design, manufacturing, and transportation services of container house.

    Allen Sun


    Planning, design, manufacturing, and transportation services of container house.

    Diane Yang


    Planning, design, manufacturing, and transportation services of container house.

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    We are proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry.

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    Provide customers with one-stop services such as prefabricated building design, cabinet manufacturing, decoration installation, and after-sales maintenance.

    Professional design team

    LinnFox has a team of senior architects, interior designers in the industry

    Preliminary consultation

    Contact the account manager, responsible for the communication of business needs.

    Detailed quotation

    Provide a detailed quotation according to the plan, sign a construction contract, and agree on specific matters.

    Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Welcome to LinnFox!

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